Smarter Websites

Claritis work with you

to design, build and

support effective websites.

Not just a Pretty Face

A well designed website is more than good looks. We can handle web strategy, online marketing, site migration, development, social media, e-commerce

Modular & Scalable

Our content management system Drupal has over 12,000 custom modules ready to roll. Chances are if you want it, its been already built for you.

Cost Effective Code

Leveraging Drupals huge module base and powerful development framework means development time and cost are focused on your specific requirements.

Safe, Secure & Pre-tested

Drupal is serious about security and is trusted by the planets most prestigious and security conscious sites. The White House being just one.

Mobile Device Ready

Over 25% of visits to most sites are from mobile devices. Using responsive design we can make your site to look great on all devices regardless of screen size.

Hosted & Supported

We provide site managed hosting and support for you and your team at exactly the level your in house skills and requirements demand.